Ivan's RV-7

Working on stiffenersTimer icon2h

May 25, 2022

Today I cut all rudder stiffeners to size and match-drilled them with the skin.

The next step in the rudder build was to cut all the stiffeners to proper lengths and to deburr them (round the corners and make them smooth).

Each half of the skin uses eight stiffeners. The first stiffener (the bottom one) is full-size. Each next stiffener is one hole shorter. I used two bottom stiffeners as a template for marking the cut line on the shorter ones, then used my snips to cut them to length. After that, I deburred them on my Scotch-Brite wheel.

The wheel I have is a "soft" one, but it chews through thing aluminum just fine and leaves a very nice finish.

Smoothed stiffeners.

Then I clecoed them to the skins and match-drilled them.

Stiffeners clecoed to the skin. Match-drilling stiffeners to the skins.

The next step would be to deburr the skins and the stiffeners and prime them.