Ivan's RV-7

Trimming the counterbalanceTimer icon1h

June 22, 2022

A short session of trimming the counterweight balance as per plans.

Since I am still waiting to get my double offset back rivet set, I trimmed the counterweight lead. Not much to say here, I marked it with the sharpie, then cut it with the hacksaw. Finally, shaped it with the wooden chisel and the file.

Marking the lines on the weight. Weight trimmed with the hacksaw and the files.

Also, while looking at the electric elevator trim kit, I found that it has two parts, E-617EEPP-1 and E-618EEPP-1, which look very similar to E-717 and E-718 trimmed for the electric trim kit. I asked Van's if I can use them instead of trimming the E-717 / E-718, and they said I can if the holes on the parts match the holes on the trim tab skin. I measured the parts, and they seem to be exactly what I need. This saves me from fabricating the parts, and also I can keep E-717 and E-718 in case I would want to switch to the manual trim (unlikely, but...)

The parts from the trim kit and from the empennage kit. Another view.