Ivan's RV-7

Making a new firewall angleTimer icon1.5h

August 25, 2022

Not much today, mostly, made a new firewall F-601J angle.

I was not fully happy with my previous attempt at making the right F-601J angle (I messed up one of the holes, making it oblong), so I made a new one today. The process is the same: cut with the hacksaw, rough file, clean edges with the belt sander, and finally, polish with the Scotch-Brite wheel.

Since all the holes were #30 already, I had to drill them with the #30 drill bit. Slow speed, light pressure, and a lot of Boelube did the trick and all new holes were great. The existing holes also stayed in spec.

Then I disassembled the firewall assembly, preparing it for dimpling and various stiffeners for counter-sinking.

The firewall deburred.